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Buying a Second Home

A second home is an exceptional investment in today’s housing market, which can help you achieve your financial goals. So whether you are looking at buying a second home as an investment or a place to retreat to, Shelby can help you find the right mortgage at the absolute best rate. 

Mortgages by Shelby Services

More Canadians than ever are purchasing second homes  – a summer or winter weekend getaway, or a second property for adult children or parents to live in.

But like the majority of home purchases, buying a second home most likely means you’ll need a second mortgage, which means you’ll need to consider many important aspects when getting your mortgage.

First, you’ll need to assess the overall affordability of a second mortgage and property, including the purpose for the home, tax considerations, will it generate income and the possible payment terms. 

Once you understand whether the prospect of buying a second home is financially doable, you’ll want to reach out to Shelby to begin discussions about goals, mortgage terms, requirements and rates.

Shelby is dedicated to helping you achieve your mortgage needs and goals – but she is also excited to help you achieve your dreams – like a second home/summer getaway!


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